I’ve been fond of History and in particular of Middle Ages History since an early age. After countless readings, I often dreamed of large battles, of dark and lonely knights, of barbarians breaking onthe beaches of East Anglia or of invincible dragons. In 2006, the idea of buying a damascus Viking sword came to me ; nevertheless, the price being an insurmountable obstacle, I’m keeping the knives lying in my pockets since my teens.


It is at this time that my dream to forge began. Fortunately during “Les Splendeurs de Troyes” weekend (an old medieval fair held in the city of Troyes) in 2007, I met Ross HARRIS, a Scottish blacksmith who lives in Brittany and offered to teach me the manufactory of meat pikes for 2 hours. By allowing me to make the anvil sing for the first time, he passed me on the forge fire virus.

Newly settled in the countryside, I invested in my first anvil and charcoal forge the following year. Between work, family life -especially the life of a young dad – it was not so easy to find the time to forge seriously. A few years have passed and I occasionally hit hot steel but in 2012, I seriously began cutlery and I’m constantly creating and assembling blades since then.

I have a preference for Nordic blades as well as for medieval blades. I’m still evolving, learning and through this website I present to you my creations of knives and other blades made on request.